Group Project

Building a Digital Control System

The expected outcome of this group project is building a closed-loop control system using an Arduino Uno as the base hardware for the controller.

Project Scope:

The selection of a particular project should be bound by available resources and time.


The list of available tools as listed in this parts list. If you require any additional components, you will have to discuss that with the lecturer.

Project Groups

You may check of this page and verify your group selections. If your index number is listed with a “No Group” that means you did not provide your index number with you name lists or you did not send a group selection at all. If you are not assigned a group, please contact me immediately via [email protected].

Preliminary Project Proposal

You are required to submit a preliminary project proposal to screen for suitability of the project against the course requirements. You are advised to adhere to the format below:

  • Project Title
  • List of students in the groups
  • Description of the build (explain how it is a closed-loop control system in 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Any additional requirements

An assignment has been posted for the submission of Preliminary Project Proposals. One member can submit on-behalf of the group. Please pay attention to the above guidelines and if there are any concerns raise them asap.

Deadline for Preliminary Project Proposal:

Before next practical class. We will be discussing each proposal with the group at the next practical class.

Nimal Skandhakumar
Nimal Skandhakumar
Senior Lecturer